Mongolia closes borders to China


The Cabinet held an irregular meeting on February 13th and decided to shut the borders to arrivals from the People’s Republic of China. The Cabinet’s press officer Ts.Gantszorig stated, “air and rail travel from and to China will be fully banned from February 14th. In other words, the borders will be closed 100% starting Tomorrow. Mongolian nationals with specific reasons can contact the consulate to enter the country.” The Director-General of the General Authority for Border Control J.Byambasuren noted, “the arrivals from China via railroad, Gashuunsukhait, and airways have been banned in order to prevent a potential spread of coronavirus. We have evacuated all the 6000 Mongolian citizens that were in China. The issues regarding the evacuation from now on will be handled by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The last flight has landed today. Chinese nationalities will now be prohibited from entering the country from every border checkpoint.”

The travel ban will apply only to passengers, so the transportation of goods will continue without disruptions. However, the coal exports have been suspended at all checkpoints this week. Leading coal exporters, such as Southgobi Sands, MAK, and Usukh Zoos, have announced to halt transportation starting from January 31. Companies including Erdenes Tavan Tolgoi and Mongolian Mining Corporation have also notified to suspend their transportation starting this week. On the other hand, the copper concentrate exports of Erdenet Mining Corporation and Oyu Tolgoi will continue.

Further, the President of Mongolia has issued a decree and forbid the traditional Lunar New Year celebration, which is the first time since Mongolia transitioned into democracy.


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