Mining and minerals firms donation campaign for the combat against the COVID-10

Mining and minerals firms have announced a donation campaign for the combat against the COVID-10 pandemic that has spread across multiple countries. The campaign will last for a month and the raised fund will be donated to China for the fight against the virus and material support, as well as to help Mongolia in mitigating the risk of spread. 

Initiated by the “Mongolian National Mining Association”, the campaign has received the support of mining and minerals associations, such as “Geological Society of Mongolia”, “Mongolian Industrial Geologists Association”, “Mongolian National Industrial Council, “Mongolian Oil and Gas Association”, “Mongolian Coal Association”, and “Association of Women and Minerals”. Members of these associations announced to donate a one-day salary.

The CEO of the Mongolian National Mining Association D.Enkhbold addressed, “For our country, especially for the minerals sector, China is our biggest and closest partner. Therefore, it is reasonable that the minerals sector workers will provide mental and material support to China in overcoming the COVID-19 disease. There are over 2200 companies that have explorations and mining licenses. Behind these companies, there are about 70 thousand workers and I am sure they will join in on this campaign.” 

The representatives of this sector met with the Minister of Mining and Heavy Industry D.Sumiyabazar to inform him of the campaign. Minister D.Sumiyabazar expressed his support for the campaign and agreed to donate a one-day salary. The donation will be used to support the preventive actions taken by the Government of Mongolia and to provide mental and material support to the Chinese people.


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