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Miners are in need for protection


The mining sector is transitioning towards a period of change in business model and renovation. The industry, as a whole, is focusing on the bigger players and it seems the transition, which was struggling to make progress, has been accelerated by the “Covid-19”. The topics surrounding remote control, artificial intelligence, driver-less heavy duty trucks, and white-collared miners will shape the coming years. Mongolia remains unprepared to join this new wave of transition.

The North American mining giants suspended operations for weeks after the new coronavirus spread to mines. Mongolian miners have numerous things to learn from their practices in avoiding such risks. Hypothetically speaking, are we ready for a potential spread of the virus transmitted from trade? Do we have a sufficient system that will protect the operations of the miners? We are in dire need to find solutions to all these issues.

The stability of the mining industry that maintained its operation and proved their benefits to the economy, specifically the budget, is also partly the reason why Mongolia prevented local transmission of Covid-19. The fact that the Prime Minister and the budget holder began to promote the positive policy changes may have been because of the lessons learned from Covid-10. However, it is still early to foresee the directions and velocity of this upcoming “wind of change”.

2020 is expected to be fairly short, in terms of productivity. We are moving on the 2021 budget plans. The Finance Minister submitted a bill that covered every little loophole and shortcoming with the mining sector. The market is anticipating the consolidation measures of the mining-dependent economies that faced difficulties because of Covid-19 spread in mines. We are fortunate enough to observe from the sidelines. But the mining sites will still be Mongolia’s highest-risk spots for pandemic spread. In brief, the practical lessons from Chile, Peru, and Brazil demonstrate us that mines have to be protected if we hope to prevent an economic fall down.  



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