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Natural resource, the public property of the state…

"Erdenes Tavan Tolgoi” took another step forward in issuing IPO at the international stock market. At the order of the Cabinet, East Tsankhi mine will be separated to a subsidiary of “Erdenes Tavan Tolgoi” and the subsidiary will be listed at the international stock exchange. It is possible that the failed attempt of eight years ago when the IPO of ETT was first brought up could repeat. Whether if investors will be interested in a mine that is annually producing 7 million tons of coal, or if the company could raise the necessary financing from the market is questionable. Regardless, Ministry of Mining and Heavy Industry Sumiyabazar.D, who is pushing the IPO of ETT, took a step forward amid the political and economic interests of others.

The natural resource is the public property of the state. This is the definition that the consensus working group is planning to add to the amendments to the constitution. The President and the Parliament are discussing this detailed statement, which currently says “natural resource is the state property” on the effective Constitution. The final decision has not been made yet. Because of the single word “public”, the entire process of natural resource and mineral exploitation. Unimaginable processes and decisions, such as publicly solving the issues involving “public” property, or sanctioning on the grounds of not receiving public opinion, could be made out of it. Asia Mining Magazine is highlighting the scholars’ article on the amendments to Article 6.2 of the Constitution. The single sentence that was intended to draw public attention could potentially be a heavy blow to the mining sector, Mongolia’s one and only “Milk Cow” of an industry.

Following the development of electric vehicles and renewable energy, battery production business has been flourishing in recent years. EV battery market alone is currently measured at USD 25 billion. Compared to regular goods, battery production is heavily dependent on commodities. Therefore, major manufacturers are heavily investing in battery producers with substantial resources. This is an opportune chance for Mongolia to produce final products using its minerals. We have enough resource for its main commodities, such as copper, zinc, and lithium. We have raw materials, sales market, and a partner with the necessary technology all in one place for an opportunity that is rare for any manufacturer.


  • Strategy deposit

    West Tsankhi remains inside politicians’ “pocket”

    It appears that the Government has been “deceived” by the coal price hike once again.

    Хуудас 8

  • Policy

    The “Un-lucky” seven

    Улмаар уул уурхайн салбар дахь алдаа, дутагдал бүрийг Үндсэн хуульд оруулснаар хямрал руу түлхэх эрсдэл үүсэж мэднэ.

    Хуудас 12

  • Mining CEO

    Gan-Ochir.Z: MNT 700 billion will be invested in Ovoot project

    We had the opportunity to talk with the CEO of “Aspire Mining” LLC Gan-Ochir.Z. The company has been operating for over a decade in Mongolia and is aiming to become the next major coking coal exporter.

    Хуудас 16

  • Market

    EVs to boost demand for Chinese commodities

    In this sense, demand for not only rare earth elements but commodities such as copper, aluminum, coking coal, and zinc are expected to surge in China and in the region.

    Хуудас 22

  • Industry

    The opportunity to manufacture EVBs in Mongolia

    Several deposits in Mongolia with rare earth elements and lithium are awaiting investments. This is the perfect time to utilize them. We lack active efforts to attract investors to these deposits, hindered by our current squabbles surrounding coal and

    Хуудас 26

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